Wendy King (announcer), Chris, Ted Telford (announcer) and Vickie (employee)
Chris and Vickie following her reading which was aired on the the afternoon show 
Chris, Wendy and Ted in the studio taking calls from the listeners 
I want to personally thank Ted, Wendy and all the wonderful people at B101 FM radio for making me feel at home, for their professionalism and for making my first time on radio a rich and rewarding experience that I will always remember.   - Chris


Chris is pictured here with Ann Rohmer television anchor for City TV Toronto. On September 28, 2001 Chris appeared on television for the first time on Breakfast Television. Chris's first experience with television was a great experience and he thoroughly enjoyed being interviewed by Ann on live television. Chris was promoting his upcoming seminars with the Toronto Learning Annex at the time.

It was fascinating to see how live television is put together and the laid back fun atmosphere that City TV provided their guests and employees. To sum up his experience Chris would say thanks for the fun experience! What a great group of people at City TV.

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